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Born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1946.

Professional artists, self-taught

Solo Exhibitions

1994 First Solo Exhibition, The Inya Gallery of Art, Yangon
1995 Beginning and End, First performance, The Inya Art Gallery, Yangon
1996 Solo Art Exhibition, Installation Show, Judson Church Centre, Yangon
1997 Solo Exhibition in Grasentein, Germany
1998 Asian Wind, Shinseido Hatanaka, Tokyo, Japan
1998 Five Continents, The Brass Gong and I performance, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
1999 Solo Exhibition, Mr. Guitar Gallery, Yangon
1999 Five Continents, The Brass Gong and I performance, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2000 Life Performance, Chaungtha, Pathein, Myanmar
2001 Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2002 Solo Exhibition, Art 2 Gallery, Singapore
Solo Exhibition, Painting & Performance Kentler International Drawing
Space, New York, USA
2003 Solo Exhibition, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2005 Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2007 Aung Myint Solo Show, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 Citizen of the world recent works by Aung Myint, Yuvuz Fine Art, Singapore.
2011 Installation Show “Just Now” New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar
2014 14 AM TS 1, Yangon
2015 15 AM 10 N Art 10 N Orchard
2017 16 AM (Expedition-Exhibition) Myanart Gallery, Yangon
2017 Yangon Art Expo 2017, Junction City Tower, Yangon

Exhibitions in Myanmar

1969 Objects d art group show, Alliance Francaise, Yangon
1985 Rectangular Lantern Art Exhibition Railway Institute Mandalay
1997 Beginning n End 2, Performance, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2001 8th NIPAF-Myanmar Performance Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar
Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
Yangon International Symposium and Workshop, Yangon
2002 Juror’s choice award, Philip Morris Group of Companies Myanmar
Art Awards, International Business Center, Yangon
2004 Painters Contemporains Birmains, Alliance Francaise, Yangon
2005 3A Art Exhibition, Aung Myint-Aung Aung Taik, Aye Ko, Beikthano Art
Gallery, Yangon Solo Exhibition, Lokannat Galleried, Yangon
Tsunami Fundraising Charity Exhibition-Auction, American Centre, Yangon
SKELTON CHOCOLATE 30 aaRRgh! Go Dog 2005?
In my closet, Potential cave Huaaa
Performance [Group Show], the Inya Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar
2006 Performance Art Festival (Festival of Performance)”, Group Show,
Alliance Francaise, Yangon
2007 Myanmar Ceramic Art Show, Alliance Francaise, Yangon
Myanmar Ceramic Art Show, I.B.C, Yangon
Burmese American Art Exchange Exhibition American Centre, Yangon
2008 Contemporary Myanmar Ceramic Workshop & Exposition, Alliance, Yangon
The Festival of Contemporary Theatre & Performance Art, Alliance
Francaise de Rangoun, French Culture Centre, Yangon, Myanmar
Nagis Fundraising Charity Exhibition, Thamada Hotel, Yangon
Nagis Fundraising Charity Exhibition, Mandalay
Nagis Fundraising Charity Exhibition “Myitta Yaesin” Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
Shadow of Modernity’ Fire art performance and Music Show, Alliance
Francaise, Yangon
SPIRIT’ Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beikthano Art Gallery, Yangon
Fused Art Exhibition: JS Furnival Hall, Thamada Hotel, Yangon
Introduction Myanmar Contemporary Art Book by Aung Myint, Aung Min
2009 ASEAN Contemporary Art Exchange Myanmar 2009, New Zero Art
Aung Myint Vs K N Lynn, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2010 Artistic Advisor at International Festival of Contemporary ary Theatre Myanmar
(iui+02: Process of Initiating Updating & Integrating) Alliance Franciase, Yangon
Myanmar Hongkong Performance Art Exchange, New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2011 Aisa and Nippon Performance Art Exchange, Yangon
FIVE Myanmar Contemporary Artists Art Exhibition, Presented by Beyond
Pressure, Dagaung Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 Pioneer Old Master Modern Artists, New Zero Art Space, Yangon
Sixty Plus Art Exhibition, Professional Art Gallery, Yangon
Southeast Asia Art Exchange Workshop, New Zero Art Space, Exhibition
Beikthano Gallery, Yangon
3 A II Aung Myint, Aung Taik, Aye Ko, New Zero Art Space, Yangon
Blue Frogs Art Exhibition, Dagaung Art Gallery, Yangon
2016 27th GanGaw Village Art Exhibition, Judson Centre, Yangon
2017 Artist Beyond Boundaries, The American Center, Yangon, Myanmar

Abroad Exhibitions

1995 Minibus Five Myanmar Artists group exhibition, Gallery Voice, Tokyo, Japan
1996 New Paintings from Myanmar, the Substation, Singapore
Taipei International Art Fair, World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1997 Aung Myint – Ye Myint – Hasan Zolikfly three artists show, Art 2, Singapore
ASEAN Masterworks, ASEAN Leaders Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Solo Exhibition, Grasenstein, Germany
1998 Fringe Festival, Singapore Festival of the arts, Singapore
Asean Masterworks, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Imaging Seleves: Permanent Collection Show, The National Art
Museum of Singapore, Singapore
Group Exhibition, Royal Tropics Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phillip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards, Saigon, Vietnam
1999 6th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF), Tokyo-
Nagano-Matsumoato-Nagoya, Japan
Asian Wind Solo Exhibition, Shinseido Hatanaka, Tokyo, Japan
From and Volume, Group Exhibition, Singapore
Camel Group Exhibition, London
Iskadar Jill – Aung Myint – Tisna Sajaya Three Artists Exhibition,
Substation, Singapore
Oriental Curtain, Group Exhibition, Galerie on, Koln, Germany
2nd Asian Topia Performance Art Festival Bangkok, Thailand
2000 Asian Performance Art Fesrival, Macau
Three Artists Exhibition, the Substation, Singapore
NIPAF, The 5th ASIAN Performance Art Series+Shinshu, summer seminor 2000,
Ngoya, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Oriental Curtain Group Exhibition, Varcaus Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
The End of Growth Exhibition, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand
Time the Watch Has No Number Art 2 Gallery, Singapore
2002 Juror’s choice award, ASEAN Art Awards, Bali, Indonesia
4th Asian Topia Performance Art Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
2003 Second Forum on Art and Culture in the Mekong Region, Asian
Culture Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, Phnom Pehn-Siem Reap, Cambodia
Legend & Reality, Millenia Tower Lobby one Temasek Avenue, Sinpaore Curated
by Levy
2004 Crossing / Knotting Group Exhibition, Nordbahnhof, Berlin, Germany Group Show,
Painting Gallery, New York, USA
2005 Myanmar-Nippon Art Exchange, Japan
10th NIPAF-Shinshu Performance Art Summer Seminar, Nagano, Japan
2006 Art Walk, Group Show, Karin Weber Gallery, HK
Spring Auction 15th April. Yaddo Art Collaborate with Sidharta Auctioneer
Good wood Hotel, Singapore
IDENTITY Group Show, Blue Space Contemporary Arts Centre,
Hochiminth City, Vietnam
14th International Performance Art Conference in Dalat, Vietnam
Performance Show, Dalat & Hochiminth City, Vietnam
2007 Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
2008 Inward Gazes Performance Art in Asia-Exhibition by Invitation 2008,
Macao Museum, Macao
2009 Speaking Alone Art Exhibition, Thavibu, Bangkok, Thailand
2010 Play Art form Myanamr Today, OSAGE Gallery, Singapore
Play 2010 Installation show OASGE Pte Ltd, Sinapore
6th Anniversary of Suvannabumi Art Galery, Myanmar Contemporary Art
Exhibition, group show, Chiang Mai University, Art Center, Thailand
2012 Inner Resources Burma Aung Myint And Chan Aye, Clark House Colaba,
Bombay, India
Exposition L’ ARTAU MYANMAR Galerie Art Concorde, Paris, France
Gallery Plan B, Art Exhibition, Washington, DC, USA
Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA
2013 From Myanmar with love Calcutta Art Club, India
Contentions Four Artist from Myanmar, Singapore
No Country Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia.
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
2015 National Gallery, Singapore
2016 SAY Art Exhibition, (San Minn, Aung Myint, Yei Myint) Suvannabhumi Art Gallery,
Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand


2002 Juror Choice Award, Philip Morris Group of Companies, Myanmar Art Awards
IBC, Myanmar

Juror Choice Award, Philip Morris Group of Companies, ASEAN Art Awards, Bali,


The National Art Museum of Singapore, Singapore
Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
The National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Malaysia
Gugenheim Museum, New York, USA
Macau Performance Art Museum, Macau
Vehbi Koc Foundation, Turkey
Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
As well as in private collections in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Australia and USA

Aung Myint