Soe Moe:

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Born in Pyuwbwe, Central Myanmar in 1944.

1964 -1967 State School of Fine Art, Yangon


1967 Annual Art Exhibition, Yangon
1970 Annual Art Exhibition, Burma Art and Sculpture Council, Yangon
1971 Moe Oo Pan Art Exhibition, Yangon
1972 Saung Oo Pan Art Exhibition, Yangon
1973 Myanmar Art and Sculpture Council 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Yangon
1989 1st Illustrators' Art Exhibition, Yangon
1996 Lokanat Gallery Show, Yangon
1997 Lokanat Gallery Show, Yangon
1997 Orient Art Group Show, Yangon
1997 Four Artists Myanmar exhibition, Yangon
1997 Oriental Melody Art Show, Yangon
1997 Myanmar 10th Art Sow, Yangon
1998 All Myanmar Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Yangon
1998 Pan Gyi Soe Moe Solo Art Exhibition, Yangon
1999 Art Summit Exhibition, Yangon
1999 Myanmar Solo Art Show, Yangon
2001 Watercolour Solo Art Show, Yangon
2003 State School of Fine Arts, 50th Annual Exhibition, Yangon
2006 5th Illustrators' Art Exhibition, Yangon

Abroad Exhibitions

1997 Maxims of the East, Malaysia
2000 "In Search of Tranquility" Exhibition, UK
2000 "Myanmar Five Artists" Exhibition, UK
2002 The Small Art Show, Bali
2003 Myanmar Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award and Soe Moe Solo Show, Hong Kong
2004 "Yellow Space" Solo Art Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia
2004 Thailand Invitation Watercolour Exhibition, Bangkok
2004 Environment Art Expo 2004, Korea
2004 Asian Watercolour 2004, Korea
2005 Three Man Show "Burma Stars", Hong Kong
2005 Solo Show, Hong Kong
2005 17th Asia International Watercolour Show, Singapore
2005 Group Show "Burmese Masters", Singapore
2005 Group Show, Asia Watercolour, Bali, Indonesia
2006 Solo show, Hong Kong
2006 "Quiet Wind" – Show of five Myanmar artists, San Francisco

Soe Moe