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Born in Myanmar in 1993.

2010-2011 Fine Art course, Art Department, Ministry of Culture, Yangon
2011-2012 Fine Art Major (First Year), National University of Art and Culture,
Yangon, Myanmar

Street Art and Graffiti Movement

Since 2007 up to today.

Events and Shows (Myanmar)

2011 International Day of Peace, Street Art and Graffiti Event
2012 On the Street Wall, “Welcome Obama” Yangon, Myanmar
2013 Peace Throw Up, National Theater, Yangon
2013 Happy Birthday Mr President, Graffiti Bombing, Yangon, Myanmar
2014 Two Men Show- with Artist Ngwe Aung, River Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar
2015 “100th Birthday General Aung San Memorial, Solo Live Performance,
Junction Square, Yangon, Myanmar
2017 “Movement (17), A Collaborative Movement of Contemporary Art,
Number (2) Art Area, Yangon, Myanmar
2017 “Luckie and Me Solo Exhibition, River Gallery, Yangon
2017 Myanmar 2050, River Gallery Artists Annual Exhibition, River Gallery,

Events and Shows (Abroad)

2013 Meeting of Style, BKK, Thailand
2014 New Icon Pop Asia Art Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia

Arker Kyaw