Yan Naing Tun:

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Born in Myanmar in 1979

2002 Graduated from University of Culture, Yangon. (B.A Painting).


2002 Thai & Myanmar Art Show, Yangon
2004 Chin Twin Yakyi Art Show, Yangon
2005 Human Six’n; Color Art Show, Yangon
2007 Best Paintings of the Year 2007, Yangon
2008 Best paintings of the Year 2008, Yangon
2008 Art Tree Art Show, Yangon
2008 Frameless Group Show, Yangon
2008 IT Group Show, Yangon
2009 Collection Exhibition, Yangon
2009 10+ One Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yangon
2009 Art Tree Exhibition, Yangon
2009 It” Exhibition, Yangon
2009 Remembrance Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yangon
2009 Best Paintings of the Year 2009, Yangon
2010 Frameless’ group show, Yangon
2010 Yankin Township group show, Yangon
2010 IT’ third group show, Yangon
2010 Flowers of Future’ Art Donation Group Show, Ministry of Social Welfare
School Compound, Yangon,
2011 National Portrait Competition 2011, FINALIST exhibition, Yangon
2012 Pure Heart Art Exhibition, Wahso Art Gallery, Yangon
2013 Expectations, SOLO show, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2016 Planet of Color Art Exhibition, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon
2017 Yangon Art Expo 2017, Junction City Tower, Yangon

Abroad Exhibitions

2009 Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, Hong Kong
2011 Life in Yangon, SOLO show, BKK, Thailand
2011 Myanmar Today Group Exhibition, BKK, Thailand
2012 Burma Rising Group Show, Hamptons, New York, USA
2012 Burma-These days-Group Show, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 Painting a new picture,Group Show, Austria, European Union
2013 Wonder in the land-Group exhibition, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 Leading Lights/New Works (Vietnam/Burma/Cambodia), ARTA gallery,
Toronto, Canada (May)
2014 Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Burma / Vietnam / Cambodia: Leading Light ,Group Exhibition, Toronto,
2014 Funf Kontinente Museum - Group exhibition, Munich, Germany


2002 Special Prize” For the Myanmar Youth Drawing Contest, 2002
2009 Special Prize” For the Best Painting of the Year, 2009, Tun Foundation
Competition, Yangon
2011 Highly Commended Award, Myanmar National Portrait Awards 2011, River
Gallery, The Strand Hotel, Yangon

Museum Collection
Funf Kontinente Museum, Munich, Germany

Yan Naing Tun