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  • Artists learn about 10/10 Exhibition with River Gallery's 10th birthday

    posted on Thursday, 30 July 2015

    Artists learn about 10/10 Exhibition with River Gallery's 10th birthday coming up in November of this year, we are preparing to celebrate with a special exhibition of River Gallery artist's work.

    Gill is here briefing the artists, telling them they can produce whatever they like, as long as it is something completely new. She asked them to think about Art event styles, subjects and media.

    We are all looking forward to seeing what Myanmar's favorite contemporary artists can, come up with when faced with this new challenge. Exhibition details to follow.

  • Artist Aung Myint creates painting for Singapore Bank UOB's new office in Yangon.

    posted on Monday, 06 July 2015

    Aung Myint has painted one of this iconic "Mother and Child" works for UOB, as it opens its first office in Myanmar.  UOB is involved in promoting the arts and artists in Hong Kong and Singapore; we hope they will develop a program for Myanmar too.

  • Nikkei Asian Review - "Creativity Blooms in Myanmar, Along with Democracy"

    posted on Sunday, 17 May 2015

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  • Arts and culture - changes afoot in Yangon.

    posted on Tuesday, 03 March 2015

    This recent article in the UK's Guardian newspaper gives a quick tour around some of the new possibilities for self expression and entertainment in Yangon these days.  Our two River Galleries get a mention along with Ko Aung at Pansodan Scene and the Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

  • River Gallery artist Zon Ei Phyu talks to Myanmar Times about her life and art.

    posted on Monday, 03 November 2014

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  • My Yangon Magazine talks to Gill Pattison about the art scene in Myanmar

    posted on Wednesday, 29 October 2014

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  • Exhibition of Censored Myanmar Art in Hong Kong

    posted on Tuesday, 21 October 2014

    Showing in Hong Kong from October 22nd to November 9th, a ground breaking show of 50 works created over the last 40 years which have fallen foul of Myanmar censors, and were banned in the country.  Click the link below to read more about the origins of the show and the artists and artworks featured.

  • Arker Kyaw: Graffiti Artist

    posted on Friday, 22 August 2014

    Arker Kyaw, Myanmar's most famous graffiti artist, was recently at River Gallery transforming our walls with his spray cans. See him in action in the link below and read about this extraordinary young artist in the attached write up. 



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  • Modernist Pioneer Win Pe painting up a storm back in Yangon

    posted on Wednesday, 14 May 2014
    I visited Win Pe in his studio the other day to see what was keeping him busy these days, and to feast my eyes on the recent works of this prolific artist. Win Pe was one of the brightest stars of the Modernist movement back in the seventies, but after 1988 he found it increasingly difficult to pursue his cultural interests which included film making and writing,  so he emigrated to the US where he became a radio journalist, openly critical of the regime back in Myanmar.  As a result. he was not able to travel back to Myanmar until the new reform minded government came to power in 2011.  He came off the blacklist and returned to Yangon in 2013.
    Being back in his home environment has inspired an intense bout of creativity, and Win Pe has been painting steadily since he returned.  When I commented on his productivity, he replied that even though he was old (almost 80 now), he still painted like a young man.  He was right - the works have a fresh sharpness which hints at someone at the height of their creative powers, not an elderly man in his sunset years.
    He is busy with commissions these days, but he said that after these he would start painting again what most pleased him.  We both agreed that he needed to become a selfish old painter, and do what he liked. He told me that the most important part of marketing a painting was the first stage:  marketing it to himself.  If he doesn't "buy" the story of the painting, he doesn't think others will either.
    In the gallery, we're lucky to have a number of canvases in his current Zodiac series.  He told me this theme doesn't hold any special significance for him, but it is excellent as a platform for  playing with color and compositional elements.  We hope to stage an exhibition for him in River II over the next few months, and will keep you posted on dates.
  • Artist Htein Lin returns to street art

    posted on Thursday, 23 January 2014

    Htein Lin has hit the streets of Yangon, creating his signature finger and body paintings outside a new shopping center in Yangon.  He became "fond" of painting without brushes during his six year stint in prison in Myanmar. Friends and jailers managed to smuggle in paint, but no brushes were allowed, so he used whatever was at hand. 

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