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Chuu Wai Nyein

Born in Yatsaut, Shan State in 1992.

Studied Under

U Chit Thaw(Myingyan), U Khin Maung San (Mandalay), U Suu Myint Thein (Alin-Dagar Art School), U Nay San (Amar-Pura), U Win Pe Myint, Justice Art, Nation University of Art and Culture (Mandalay), Thesis with explore how Burmese art galleries are run and the relationship between galleries and artists.


2008 – 2014 Bachelor’s degree in IT Engineering Technological University, Mandalay 2014 – 2015 Postgraduate Diploma in Art, National University of Art and Culture, Mandalay

Group Exhibitions

2013 Free Thoughts & Colors, Mandalay

2013 Made the workshop, “Community Art”, Mandalay

2013 Water color, “Art for All”, Mandalay

2014 Mandalay Hill 13th year Anniversary, Mandalay

2014 “Colors & Tomorrow”, Technological University, Mandalay

2014 Ayawaddy Literature Festival, Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel, Mandalay

2014 Shin-Phyu-Taw Gallery, Mandalay

2014 Colorful Flowers, Woman Artist Group Show, Mandalay

2015 18th water color Show, River Ayeyarwaddy Gallery, Yangon

2015 Nin Si Kone Age House Gallery, Yangon

2015 My Yangon My Home 2, River Ayeyarwaddy, Yangon

2015 Colorful Flowers, Think Gallery, Yangon

2015 Art University Ceremony Group Art Exhibition, National Theater, Mandalay

2015 New Generation, Mandalay

2016 Art Camp and Exhibition of General India Consulate, Mandalay

2016 Group Art Show at Jefferson Center, Mandalay

2016 Yong Dream at Ocean Center, Mandalay

2017 Yong Dream at Ocean Center 2, Mandalay

2017 Art and Literature Festival, Mandalay

2017 Thu-Thu Co- Thuei, Yangon

2018 La Mad Jacques, France

2018 Behind Burma, New York, USA

2018 Women in Burma, Warsaw, Poland

2018 Silent Poetry, Yangon

2018 The Female from Burma and Beyond, New York, USA

2018 10x10, Article 25, London, England

2019 "Youth Square", Hong Kong

2019 "Monsoon Madness", River Gallery, Yangon

2019 "Pictures of Transitions", Canberra, Australia

Solo Exhibition 

2014 SPEED, Mandalay

2017 Verities Alternatives Exhibition Party, No.2 Art Area, Yangon

2017 Synonym of Self, Gallery 65, Yangon

2018 One Ten Hundred, Gallery 65, Yangon

2018 Our Turn Now, L’lsle Sur La Sorgue, France

2018 Liberees : Reclaim, Birmanes Identites, Paris, France

2019 "Women - We Men", French Institute, Yangon

2019 "Fabric of Change", NewYork, USA


2012 Indian Consulate painting competition, First Prize

2013 Indian Consulate painting competition, First Prize

2019 "Best painting or sketch inspired by Leonardo's pictorial work" Competition, First Prize

Art Talks & Other Experience

2015 Goethe-Institut Scholarship to attend “Curator Lab”

Series in Indonesia, Germany, Thailand

2015 Speaker at Workshop at Yangon

2015 Speaker at Global Entrepreneurship week

2019 Speaker at Singapore Women Forum

2019 Speaker at "The Synthesis of Myanmar Mordenity", Gothe Institute

2019 Speaker at "Sa Gar Ahla Ku Htone", Yangon

2019 Speaker at "Arts on Women & Peace", Bagan

2019 Panelist at "EMReF: Feminism book lounge Panel Disscussion", Yangon

2019 Opening Speech Speaker at "International Women Day", French Institute, Yangon


Chuu Wai Nyein is a Mandalay artist who has been active since 2008 when she began studying at the National University of Art and Culture (Mandalay) and Technological University (Mandalay). She has had eight solo exhibitions and already had about 30 local and international exhibitions including London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Canberra. She was invited as a speaker for international and local art talks and events such as Women’s Forum (Singapore), Global Entrepreneurship Week, British Embassy class, etc. She is a founder of ‘Young Dream’ under the Jefferson Center (Mandalay) which is a group organizing workshops and exhibitions for young artists. In Myanmar, she is also well known as a young influencer artist and was for example selected to be part of the Myanmar Influencer Award. Chuu shared her inspiration and motivation on many TV channels, medias and press articles, including BBC News, VOA Burmese News, Polskie Radio, Trebuchet Magazine, Frontier, The Myanmar Time, MNTV, MRTV 4 and many more. 

Since 2015, Chuu has been working on paintings which reflect her interest in the female identity when her artistic impulse found a new outlet after the sexual harassment of a guy on the street. This experience made her focus on gender issues and the condition of women in Myanmar today. The artist, who is an engineer as well as a painter, has created a series of works with many layers which conceal and reveal. The paintings are created against the many ways society controls and scrutinizes women more than men, the ways that women resist and the way that culture is evolving. She sees her paintings as part of that evolution. 

Chuu Wai Nyein is interested in discovering and working with handcrafted materials which showcased artwork made in part with traditional hta-meins and longgyis (traditional long, wrap skirt) fabrics as canvases. The strong, confident, sexy women depicted with traditional (male) accessories challenge the control of society over women. Like her peers today, the women in the paintings are sexy, playful, confident, and thoughtful – no longer prepared to accept the traditional role Myanmar society has thrust upon them for too long.